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Dealing With Daddy Issues In A Relation

daddyDaddy issues are one of the most common relationship issues found all over the world and maybe in all of us, though we don’t realize it. Believe it or not, many of us relate the person sharing our bed to our daddy! Many sexual and relationship issues crop up just because of daddy issues. Many psychologists and sex therapists deal with such issues on a day to day basis. There is a serious issue named daddy complex. It seriously affects the relationships we have with our sexual partners. The link uk.askmen.com/dating/curtsmith_300/366_her-daddy-issues.html describes in detail about a woman’s daddy issues.

What is Daddy Issue?
In simple words, the daddy issue depends solely on the way a father behaves at home and the way he treats a mother. It is said that family and parents are the first teachers in a child’s life. Hence, the way a father treats a mother has a deep impact on the formation of character and choice of partner in a child’s future life. If a father abuses the mother and the children grow up seeing the abuse on a daily basis, they tend to get used to it. They will start considering the abuse by father and the sufferings by the mother as something ordinary! They won’t realize that it is something wrong!

When these kids grow up to be an adult, the daughter will be mentally prepared to bear abuses from her partner and surprisingly or shockingly tend to choose an abusive partner for herself! She will feel sexually attracted to an abusive male more than a well-behaved man. If a man behaves well, then he will be considered “too good” for her! The girl takes her mother as a role model and believes that a woman should tolerate all abuses silently. Thus this daddy issue ends up spoiling her life and the coming generations in the family too!

If the kid is a boy, he will grow up believing that this is how a woman should be treated. He will consider it normal to abuse women and believe that he has the right to exploit, abuse and torture his partner too as his father does the same! So, he will continue the tradition set by his father and abuse his sexual partner and make life a living hell for her too without even realizing the fact that he is wrong in his way of thinking!

Daddy Issues Affect Girls The Most!
Daddy issues are said to affect the lives of both boys and girls. But it is believed to affect a girl’s life the most! A girl child growing up mentally prepared to face abuse, torture, and insults is something very disturbing!She will have very low self-esteem. She will only feel sexually attracted and aroused by a partner who is abusive or alcoholic like her father. In one way or the other, she tends to seek her daddy’s love in her partner in the form of abuses and tortures. It is named “repetition compulsion.” A child tends to repeat what he/she saw and experienced in her childhood.

How To Deal With It
The best way to deal with it is to ask the person to look around in the neighborhood and other families who live happily. Just because their family behaves in one way doesn’t mean that it is right. They should learn to see things from a wider perspective. This will help to a great extent in instilling some sense and differentiating right from wrong!